Madakto Inclusive Attendance Automation

Madakto Inclusive Attendance Automation

This automated system provides the possibility for an accurate monitoring on staff attendance. This system has also the capability to be connected to other devices such as gates, road blockers, entrance door, etc. and allow entry by identifying people.

  • SQL server data base
  • C# .NET programming language
  • Web interface
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Defining unlimited groups and access timespans.

Apply access control settings on the device

Online view of flow of traffics (entry and exits) at entrance and exit doors

Defining unlimited number of devices.

HTML reporting

Opening doors by the software

Offline management of all requests by the software

Ability to disable or delete the fingerprints of a group or an individual through the software without the need to manually delete them on devices

Defining allowed timespans for the entry and exit of each individual.

Adjusting date and time of the device through the software.

Reading saved data in each device.

Reading data of each device in real time.

View the last few individuals (in the data) by time and date;

Ability to save staff errors while using the software.

Ability to adjust the time that door should be remained open.

Assigning passwords for the staff

Ability to open doors by fingerprints, badges or passwords;

Possibility of assigning traffic restrictions from one person to another within the same group or to everyone;

Defining authorised personnel and their traffic timetable.

Delete or add readers to the system and adjusting its parameters;

Defining Zone

Grouping personnel and defining their authorised entry and exit in terms of entry timespan and time scheduling for every group.

Defining staff with different access level to work with the software and view the traffic of each zone and online determination of the location of each personnel in zones.

Displaying the operating status of entrance/ exit doors.

Ability to transfer one or more individuals from Group A to B in offline network mode;

Number of covered people: 100 pers.

Unlimited real time network users;

Apply holidays based on official calendar;

Defining all guests and the duration of their presence in the premise and the needed doors to be accessed;

Ability to define different groups of doors and people for a much easier control;

Ability to read users from the device online and upload users in the device;

No limit to assign multiple devices using one software;

Set to online access at certain hours and days, individually and within groups without limits.

Ability to retrieve advanced reports of individuals.

Text and Excel report exports;

Create users with access limits

Madakto Web-based Manual control access software (PDF)

About Madakto Windows based Access Control Software:

The inclusive Madakto attendance software is a reliable solution for an inclusive management and automation of cultural, education and sports organizations, as well as companies and public organizations. MD-Access 4 inclusive automated system offers an accurate control over staff attendance.
Alongside its ability to record staff attendance, this system could be connected to other devices such as gates, road blockers, entrance doors, etc. and allow entrance by identifying individuals.
Today, in order to manage people’s traffic, managers of high traffic institutes such as organizations, companies, hospitals, sports centers, and many more need to have more control over personnel and club members, using the most advanced equipment and facilities.
Madakto inclusive automated software is compatible to be connected to attendance devices and offers you complete range of reports. By using attendance devices, personnel attendance could be recorded by face recognition, fingerprints, badges or passwords, and managers could have a detailed and accurate report of their staff attendance.

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Madakto Web-based Manual control access software (PDF)

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