Madakto Nutrition Automation

By using Madakto Nutrition Automation, many canteen-related costs including hardware costs of the food reservation system, manpower costs, etc. is reduced.



Madakto Nutrition Automation

Madakto Nutrition Automation

By using this software, many canteen-related costs including hardware costs of the food reservation system, manpower costs, etc. is reduced, and canteen management as well as controlling personnel and student affairs become easier, and as a result increases employee satisfaction.

  • SQL server data base
  • C# .NET programming language
  • Windows and web-based interface
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Notify all system status to the operator instantly
The design of windows and forms is such that the entire performance of the system can be examined at a glance
Different levels of access for system users
High system security in various ways
SQL-based database with network capability among multiple computers
Windows-based (food delivery only)
Ability to communicate with other programs of the company
Ability to work under local network and Internet network
Diverse reports of system performance, individuals and operators
Ability to book food online
Possibility to define infinite canteens, restaurants and dining halls
Define types of workgroups and assign the user to workgroups
Ability to back up software information automatically
Ability to record and display news to staff
Define various types of meals
Ability to block / restrict sales operations for individuals
Ability to reserve food in the desired canteen and delivery in the same canteen
Possibility to determine the credit limit and debt of personnel
Granting credit to users and staff (manually and online)
Settlement with printable receipt
Ability to determine the status (debtors and creditors) of users and staff

Madakto Nutrition Automation (PDF)

Benefits of Madakto Nutrition Automation:

Optimal use of manpower
Prevent abuse of irresponsible people in the canteen
Accuracy in cooking the number of dishes needed
Prevent cash payments
Avoid unnecessary student visits
Avoid cooking more than needed, by accessing accurate number of dishes needed
No need to issue and print tokens
Ability to book food online and prevent time wastage of staff and students
Efficient self-service canteen management based on provision of food quantity and food analysis
Integration with attendance system
Less hardware devices need to reserve food and thus no need to back up, which results in cost reduction
Ability to manage food automation system
Possibility to issue membership cards and recharge credits on cards
Control cards’ credits (unallowed and industrial cards)
Purchasing daily food and desserts by regular price and register in the system by printing receipt

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