Online windows-based Automated Access Control Software

Online windows-based Automated Access Control Software is designed to regulate personnel traffic in companies and government organizations


Online windows-based Automated Access Control Software

Online windows-based Automated Access Control Software

Using the access control software, monitoring and control over personnel traffic could be done accurately and different reports are available. MD-Access 2 has been very useful in organizations, institutes, hospitals, warehouses, etc. and has helped managers to maintain organization discipline and security.

  • SQL server data base
  • C# .NET programming language
  • Web interface
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Having reports of all entry/ exits in specific timespans; Allowing the entry of certain number of individuals within a group.
Possibility to limit the number of entry/exits of individuals within a group in a day, meaning that certain number of entry/exits will be allowed in a day.
Defining personnel traffic on daily and weekly timespan basis (ea. 8:00 to 21:00, only even days)
Defining different timespans for different groups.
Defining validity period for the software, for every individual and every group; for example, a validity of one month or one year, as after the defined period the fingerprints would be automatically deactivated on the device.
Possibility to deactivate fingerprints of a group or an individual through the software automatically.
Possibility of deleting group(s) and individual(s) from the software. The possibility to apply the modification to device 2 without the need of deleting them in device 1.
The possibility of removing one or more individuals from a group and transfer this modification to device 2, so if the individual is not a member of any group, she/he is not allowed to enter.
The possibility of transferring individual(s) from a group.

Defining unlimited groups and access timespan

Applying manual access control settings on device

View entry/exits at entrance doors, offline

Defining unlimited number of devices

HTML report exports

Opening doors by the software

Covering 50 persons

Realtime network users: 1 pers

Madakto Windows based Access Control Software (PDF)

About Madakto Online windows-based Automated Access Control Software:

Madakto manually controlled automated system is a windows-based software which is a proper match for attendance devices and other access control devices. The manually controlled access control software allows you to monitor and control personnel traffic accurately and offers you a wide range of reports. MD-Access 2 automated software has helped managers to bring discipline and security in organizations, institutes, hospitals, warehouses, etc. Madakto online manually controlled software is programmed by C# .NET and installed on Windows. SQL server database allows to define unlimited groups as well as access timespans. Most important features of Madakto access control software are: Online monitoring all entry/exits entrance and exit doors and the possibility of opening doors by the system which makes it easier and more time consuming, and so is a proper solution for high traffic private and public places. By using MD-Access 2 access control software you can add unlimited attendance devices to the automation system and retrieve accurate reports to control and improve procedures.

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Madakto Windows based Access Control Software (PDF)

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