Web-based Attendance Software (MD-Time5)

Web-based Attendance Software (MD-Time5) Record staff information and Covered shifts. This software Regular working day shift.


Web-based Attendance Software (MD-Time5)

Web-based Attendance Software (MD-Time5)

Attendance system includes a hardware and a software that is used to record the entry and exit of all employees in a work environment to both create discipline in the company or organization, and help managers to pay salaries and benefits based on working hours.

  • SQL Server Data base
  • C# .NET Programming language
  • Windows interface
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Features & Benefits Technical Specifications Brochure

Integration of all hardware, information aggregation, and software link.

Providing services by Madakto support center

No need to change devices for the next 20 years

Increasing personnel traffic and encouraging them to be on time and more disciplined.

Prevents cheating; Instant view of personnel traffic by the management dept.

Reduce repair costs

Use of office card (Personnel assignments attendance)

Possibility of enforcing the Civil Service law

Farsi calendar with official holidays

Record staff information

Define organization chart

View entry/ exit and modify information

Record leaves and missions (Badges, password, functional key)

Increase or decrease leaves, optionally

Assign employees to shifts (Switching staff in shifts)

Various advanced reports:
Detailed work report (75 items);

Overall work report (48 item);

Changed traffic report

Trouble shooting report of attendance report

Working day shift reports; Leave reports

Apply settings for the number of working hours of every employee

Separate reports of different units within an organization

Displaying the logo of the organization on reports

Display the last time information was retrieved

Display the last time of retrieving reports

Separate access levels for every user

Increase or decrease leaves for a unit or an individual

Save the last activity done by the user in the system

Possibility of enforcing the Civil Service law when needed

Multiple software working environment structure for multiple users

Retrieve staff system reports

Design various reports based on the managers’ needs in different units within an organization (Report maker)

Web-based Attendance Software (MD-Time5) (PDF)

About Web-based Attendance Software (MD-Time5) :

Madakto smart system, a leader in the production of security software, has produced MD-Time 4 attendance control software using the latest technology by understanding the needs of today's organizations’ needs and even small businesses.

This software is designed and produced under the title of "attendance software" which is a valid and secure system which can be web-based or server-based.

Using Madakto's attendance automation system, and only by logging into the software and saving the username and password for each user, you can record and control the time of entry and exits, determining work shifts, vacations, leaves and so on.

Madakto attendance software is currently the most powerful attendance management system being used in many countries, including India, England, and Germany, where the parameters of the biometric entry and exit system with other various capabilities are being employed.

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